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How to Write a Perfect Practice Transition Letter in 8 Steps

A practice transition letter might not be the first thing on your mind, but when most doctors purchase a dental practice, one of the big worries is always patient retention. Most of the value of a dental practice is in the goodwill with the existing patient base, and if those patients choose not to come…
April 12, 2021

Seller’s Guide: How To Sell Your Dental Practice.

How to Sell your Dental Practice You’ve worked for years in your practice, provided great care for your patients, and helped your practice grow. It’s been your business, your career – you’ve poured your life into your office, your patients, and your team. And now you’re thinking about selling. Selling your dental practice is a…
December 7, 2021

Why your dental practice needs you to stay connected

Dear friends and colleagues,It’s the end of another week. Doesn’t it feel like February was a full year ago? Or a different lifetime? I’ve received some encouraging feedback on these newsletters, and I’ll do my best to bring you important news and updates as they come out. Once again, please feel free to forward this…
July 21, 2021