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Thriving and profitable General Dentistry Practice in Dinuba, CA, about 30 miles southwest of Fresno. This practice was first established in 1972, with the seller taking over in 2008. With 2022 being one of its best year yet collecting just shy of $1M in revenue, now is the time to harness this growth and propel this practice to the next level! The practice is located in a beautiful freestanding dental building with prominent street signage and fantastic curb appeal! The office is very easy to access and parking is a breeze. The practice features paperless charts and five well-equipped operatories all within a spacious 2,615 sq. ft. space. Dinuba offers a growing community that presents an appealing opportunity for dental practitioners. The city is experiencing population growth, indicating an increasing demand for dental services. By purchasing an established dental practice in Dinuba, you may be able to tap into this expanding market and build a strong, long-term patient base. Furthermore, as a smaller community, Dinuba may have fewer dental providers, resulting in less saturation of the local market. With fewer competitors, a dentist has an opportunity to capture a larger market share and establish themselves as a reputable dental professional in the area.

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Freestanding Dental Building
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José is a seasoned professional with an impressive 24-year journey in the dental industry. Throughout his career, José has significantly impacted the lives of his customers, assuming various roles and steadily climbing the ladder to a successful and fulfilling sales career with some of the nation’s top dental supply companies.

What sets José apart from others is his remarkable ability to establish genuine credibility and foster trust with his customers. These attributes have distinguished him from his peers and allowed him to create a profound connection with those he serves. Drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge, José has strived to elevate the customer experience, providing an enriched and personalized journey for each individual.

As a result of his unwavering dedication and expertise, José has expanded his role as a professional advisor, specializing in practice transitions. He is committed to guiding his clients through the complexities of this process, ensuring a seamless and informed transition, and imparting invaluable insights for their success.

With an impressive track record of excellence, José Virrueta continues to leave a lasting impact on the dental industry. His passion for his work, combined with his genuine care for his clients, makes him a truly dedicated and trusted professional advisor, a name synonymous with success and integrity in the field.

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Jose Virrueta

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