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When you're ready to sell your dental practice, we’re here to help you be succeed. From our initial conversation to the final close of escrow and beyond, our team of experts will be by your side to make sure everything goes right.

How do I get started?
Selling your practice is one of the biggest business decisions you make as a dentist. At Integrity Practice Sales, we’re here to give you solid advice for a smooth transition.

No-Obligation Consultation

Is it the right time to sell? The first step towards a successful practice sale is a no obligation consultation with one of our agents.

Connecting Compatible Dentists

Our team will find you the right buyer. We have an extensive network of dentists looking to purchase dental practices in California!

Navigating the Sale

Once we find the right buyer, we will guide you through the process from the initial offer to the close of escrow and beyond!

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Definitive Guide to Dental Practice Sales

Curious about the process of selling? Check out the "Definitive Guide to Dental Practice Sales" at our blog! Don't miss out on great information about selling your practice.

Want to know what your practice is worth?

Get a practice appraisal from our expert team.

For many doctors, understanding the true monetary value of your practice in the current market is a key aspect to financial and retirement planning.

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Happy Clients

Selling a practice can be an emotional experience and we were guided through the process with care and responsiveness. I honestly can’t imagine any aspect of the sale that could have been handled any better.

Robert Bishop, DDS

Arroyo Grande, CA

Integrity Practice Sale’s customer care, reliability, and knowledge about the rapidly changing dental practice sales market is the highest anyone could expect to find.

Renata Adames, DDS

Laguna Beach, CA

If you're worried about...

Wasting Time

Don't waste hours with buyers who aren't serious or can't get funding.

Adversarial Negotiations

Aggressive negotiation tactics can result in massive frustration for all parties.

Pricing Too Low

If you don’t know the market, it’s easy to leave money on the table.

Pricing Too High

Pricing too high can bankrupt the buyer and leave your patients high and dry.


Burning Out

The sales process can be long, and doing it yourself can be exhausting.

Post Sale Problems

A poorly structured transaction can be a ticking time bomb.

...hire the dental practice sales professionals at Integrity.